Our Mission

R.G. Allen House aims to provide a safe and appropriate residence for recovering individuals and to help foster a sense of accountability while bridging the gap between treatment and personal independence.

About Us

R.G. Allen House strives to bridge the gap between treatment and personal independence.  The men who reside in the house are expected to follow the guidelines put in place.  These guidelines are intended to help restore structure and purpose in the lives of our residents.  Below are some of the guidelines:

  • An initial blackout period lasting 2 weeks in which a new resident can only leave with another house member
  • Engagement in the 12-step community, including 3-5 meetings per week
  • Timely completion of daily chores
  • Attend morning meditation, where a daily passage is read to help set the tone for the day
  • Random urine screens
  • Compliance with curfew
  • Attendance  to the weekly house meetings


“When the drugs go and the addict works a program, wonderful things happen.  Lost dreams awaken and new possibilities arise.”

– Anonymous